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What are Crystal Grids and Why Should You Use Them?

Crystals 2 Jul 2023

There are a lot of people that use crystals for their physical and spiritual healing abilities, but crystal grids, like the one below,

can be an even better way to take advantage of the metaphysical power found in certain crystals.  Crystal grids can vary in size, shape, and what type of crystal is used, but they generally follow patterns of sacred geometry that help boost the power of an individual crystal.  Like general crystal use, these patterns can be used for both spiritual and physical healing and wellness.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know many of the benefits of using crystals, but you may not know the added energy provided by a crystal grid.  Most crystal grids use at least four different crystals.  These can be all the same type or all different, and it is totally acceptable to use more than four.  Depending on your specific goal, you can mix and match different types of crystals as well as different numbers of each type.  Ideally, a large crystal would be used for the center of the grid with smaller ones surrounding it on the outside of the pattern.

It is important to use multiple types of crystals since each has slightly different abilities and characteristics.  Many crystal grid kits, including the one below,

designed to attract protection, include the crystals needed for the intended purpose.  This kit comes with all the crystals needed for the grid and information on how each one contributes to the overall experience.  Even if you decide not to try out one of these kits, using multiple types of crystals is ideal since each provides its own unique benefit.

While the patterns of crystal grids can certainly be achieved on any table or other plain surface, using a crystal grid kit, like the flower of life healing kit found as shown below,

is an even better way to harness the full potential power of the grid.  Kits like these not only make it easier to arrange your crystals in the best orientation, they are also made for different purposes.  While the flower of life is used in many different crystal grids, since it is considered a powerful sacred symbol, the crystals paired with it can have a totally unique metaphysical effect.  The law of attraction kit or attract abundance kit, for example, still use the flower of life but pair it with different crystals to create a different desired effect.

While the crystals and pattern chosen for a specific purpose are important, it is even more important that you set an intention.  The purpose of the grid is not only to connect the crystals and increase their power but to amplify your own intentions.  Setting an intention is like looking at a road map before you start driving.  If you did not do this, you would drive around aimlessly without getting anywhere.  So, going into each day with an intention, something to focus on for the day is key.  Crystal grids can only help you work through those intentions.

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