Sound Healing

Sound Healing

From: $20.00

We appreciate your love donation for our services. Sound healings are offered on select Mondays from 9 to 9:30 pm EST and administered via ZOOM. Instructions will be sent after your purchase.

Sound Healing Baths are designed to calm and relax the nervous system, allowing the body-mind-spirit to completely re-set and regenerate itself. Pure bliss! Allow the music to bathe you in sounds that infuse peace, tranquility, rest, and relaxation into and through your entire being. See stress and worry float away as you release them from your mind, emotions, and body in exchange for stronger frequencies of love, peace, and joy.

Use promo code, ZEN, and get 10% off your total purchase when you book 5 or virtual services.

Sold By: My Peace Guru



  • Please log into Zoom a few minutes early.

  • Your microphone will be muted upon entry. We will get started with a class right away.

  • It’s best to use an external speaker or headphones.

  • We recommend you take this class in a quiet area of your home or office to get maximum benefits.

  • Make sure your speakers are turned on so you can hear.


    • Upon registration, you will receive an email from My Peace Guru, along with the Zoom Link, Meeting ID, and Password.

    • To enter the guided meditations, click on the Zoom link provided in the email.

    • An alternate way to join is to go to and select “Join a Meeting”, or open the Zoom App on your device. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID and password as directed.

    • If you’re new to Zoom, you’ll first need to download the Zoom app. We recommend that you create a Zoom account ahead of time, to save time when joining.

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