Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

From: $20.00

We appreciate your love donation for our services. These classes are offered on select Mondays from 9 pm to 10:15 pm EST and are taught via ZOOM. Instructions will be sent after your purchase.

Yin Yoga focuses on slow, deep stretching (hip openers) to release tight connective tissues, hydrate the fascia/meridians, and optimize energy flow through the body. Most yin poses are practiced seated or lying down, w/ props optional but recommended. (75 min. All levels).

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  • Please log into the Zoom yoga class a few minutes early.

  • Your microphone will be muted upon entry. We will get started with the yoga class right away.

  • It’s best to use an external speaker or headphones.

  • We recommend you take this class in a quiet area of your home or office to get maximum benefits.

  • Make sure your speakers are turned on so you can hear.


    • Upon registration for your class, you will receive an email from My Peace Guru, along with the Zoom Link, Meeting ID, and Password.

    • To enter the class, click on the Zoom Class link provided in the email.

    • An alternate way to join the class is to go to https://zoom.us/ and select “Join a Meeting”, or open the Zoom App on your device. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID and password as directed.

    • If you’re new to Zoom, you’ll first need to download the Zoom app. We recommend that you create a Zoom account ahead of time, to save time when joining a yoga class.

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