Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

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We appreciate your love donation for our services. Tarot Readings are offered every Tues from 2 pm to 6 pm EST. Readings are done via ZOOM or over the phone. Instructions will be sent after your purchase. Sessions are $40 per half hour.

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Tonyana’s specialty is Tarot, but her go-to is as a professional Intuitive for the last 12 years. She started out doing very basic astrology charts and that information certainly helps during a reading. Her thirst for metaphysical knowledge is insatiable but it is always balanced with practicality that her clients feel is pretty refreshing. Her hope is that this page will enlighten, delight, and inform. And she must say it is a two-way street every step of the way. She feels like she learns a bit after every encounter with others. She does have a Parapsychology diploma from Stratford Career Institute and an Angel Communication from Academy of Ancient Magik, for those of you impressed by certificates and such. The truth is though, intuition is something that you are going to embrace or not. We ALL have it. Not all of us are comfortable with it. Through your sessions together, she hopes to empower you to make informed choices of your own, where you can start trusting YOUR own psychic impressions. Allow her to be your Cosmic Catalyst! She does want your business, but more than that she wants to see you soar!


    Readings can be done over Zoom (please send your link) or phone ( she will call you)

*By law, we have to state that Tonyana’s services are for entertainment purposes only and she is in no way a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor.