Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki

From: $40.00

We appreciate your love donation for our services. Distant Reiki Sessions are offered on select Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm EST. Instructions will be sent after your purchase and administered via ZOOM. Sessions are $40 per half hour.

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Michelle, the founder of My Peace Guru, is a Reiki II practitioner offering her healing services. This energy healing session is done from a distance (remotely) which requires no additional work or preparation on your part. All you need is an open mind and time set aside to be open and receive the healing energy during the scheduled appointed time. The distance energy healing session begins with a mental scan of yourself to assess any potential problem areas and to connect with your energy. The session lasts 30 minutes in total. During and/or after the session, you may experience different sensations. Some people experience sleepiness and may need a rest or a short nap right afterward; others experience an increase in energy and alertness.

Energy healing can benefit you in a variety of ways such as:

  1. improve overall health and vitality
  2. decrease pain or discomfort
  3. ease anxiety or less over excitement
  4. improve sleep quality, lessen insomnia
  5. increase energy, productivity, focus, and/or concentration

Please be advised: Energy healing is an alternative, complementary therapy and is not designed or intended to treat, replace, or diagnose any medical or health issues. The information from this energy healing session is not intended for legal, medical, or financial advice or recommendations. If you have medical or health questions or concerns, please consult your professional licensed medical practitioner and follow their recommendations.

There are no harmful effects of reiki.

A distance energy healing session is ideal if you can’t find a local energy healing practitioner or can’t visit an energy healing practitioner in person. A distance session is also ideal as it can fit into any schedule and is very convenient. Energy healing is accessible anywhere as time and distance are no hindrance.

*By law, we have to state that Michelles’ services are not intended as a replacement or substitute for professional treatment or medical care, or legal or professional advice. Energy healing is considered an alternative therapy in addition to medical treatment and/or care. Do not stop any medication or treatments unless directed by your licensed medical practitioner/doctor. If you have concerns about your health, please seek professional medical advice. For 18 years and older only. All sales are final. Everyone is different and may experience energy healing differently. No guarantees are provided.