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How to Choose the Right Crystal Singing Bowl for You

Chakras 22 Aug 2023

Crystal singing bowls are perhaps some of the most amazing and unique spiritual vessels. These amazing tools have been around for thousands of years and have helped countless people connect with their inner beings and focus on their spiritual life. In addition to that, crystal singing bowls have many amazing health benefits since they can resonate and be fine-tuned with your chakras. This is the basis of a process that is known as sound therapy, and for many moons, it has helped people heal their ailments and achieve a more balanced and rewarding life. This is the reason why not all singing bowls are identical. It’s up to you to find which one is right for you, especially in relation to your chakras. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the very best crystal singing bowl for you!

Understanding the make-up of our bodies

Crystal singing bowls actually work on account of the fact that our bodies are indeed made of crystalline structures. This is amazing because it allows the frequency of the crystal to resonate with every fiber of your being and, therefore, gives its soothing, healing effects. The frequency of the bowl, in the best-case scenario, should attune to all of your cells and organs, almost as if it was an extension of you!

Make sure that you choose a Quartz bowl

Quartz is the crystal that’s most often used for making crystal singing bowls, specifically because it has a special affinity with the human body, which is something that is found in nature. Unfortunately, there are many singing bowls that aren’t really effective, and they are mostly for ornamental purposes. The problem is that a lot of people can’t tell the difference and end up purchasing singing bowls that contain little to no crystal and have no positive effect on them. To avoid issues, make sure you choose quartz bowls, which are more effective than metal. The latter is a very unnatural material, which does not resonate easily with the human body, unlike crystals like quartz, which occur naturally and have a closer relationship with the essence of our cells.

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Understanding the relationship with your Chakras

 The sound of a crystal singing bowl actually corresponds to an octave of the sound that exists within our etheric body, created by the notes of our chakras. Some people can even visualize these sounds in the form of color, and the body is essentially a special frequency that you can see, as opposed to hearing. Our emotions, psychological status, and even the depths of our consciousness can reconnect to these particular frequencies, and the right crystal singing bowl can help us connect with the innermost parts of who we are.

Play your Crystal Singing Bowl in a quiet place

To make the most out of your experience, it is important to play your crystal singing bowl in a quiet, relaxing setting and tap it very gently. It’s not about loudness: it’s about resonating with the frequency, something that happens more naturally without too many other sounds or distractions in your vicinity! In fact, using light pressure when playing the bowl is actually crucial because it can help you unfold the full potential of the bowl’s frequency range!